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End of an era.


As you will know, if you have looked at my website, spoken to me or read my blog, part of my business was the transportation of vehicles around the country for various dealerships and private clients.

I have had a lot of fun doing this and have driven some amazing cars that I wouldn't normally get to drive. However, I have made a decision to end this side of the business from the end of March. Basically I can't make it pay its way. My problem was that I ran my business correctly in that I had the right vehicle, an Operators licence and stayed within the law. I have met drivers on the road who say they haven't bothered with an operators licence because if they get stopped they will say it is their own personal vehicle. I can't compete with the cowboys out there in the 3.5t vehicles that are not subject to drivers hours or who can travel in excess of 56mph unlike me. For example, if I have used my two 10 hour driving days up I can't get to central London and back in a day which means I have to charge for a 2nd driver or stay overnight which people don't want to pay for. I charge £1.50 plus vat per mile. There are companies out there who will do it for 50p per mile. They wear spurs and stetsons though, you have been warned.

I was passed the other day by a 3.5t Ford Transit with a brand new Range Rover Sport on the back doing around the 80mph mark. The vehicle was so over weight it was unbelievable. The driver won't have had insurance to cover him to carry a £80,000 vehicle. Mine covered me to carry £250,000 as standard.

I think the icing on the cake was when I got my Bateson tilt bed trailer stolen. All the heavy vehicles went on here such as the Rolls Royce, Range Rovers, Bentleys which was a major part of my work. My insurance are offering me next to nothing for it although there are non for sale the same as mine. Thanks for nothing Aviva.

I have decided to call it a day and continue with the Chauffeuring side of the business as that is going from strength to strength. I would to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has used my services over the past couple of years and if anyone wants a nice little Iveco truck I have one for sale.

Below is a small selection of photographs of some of the amazing vehicles I have moved around the country. Once again, thank you.