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All the best laid plans....


When we are part of a wedding we carry out recces of the pick up and drop off points, the wedding venue and the reception. We drive the routes to ensure we leave enough time to get were we need to go. We work out alternative routes just in case there is an incident en route.

One glorious Saturday afternoon I collected the bride and her father from the Bridge Inn at Walshford just outside Wetherby.

Off we went to the Harrogate registry office where she duly got married as planned without incident.

After the photos were taken everyone jumped in their cars and started off back to the Bridge Inn for the Wedding Breakfast.

I know the traffic in Harrogate is horrendous at the best of times but today seemed to be stationary. Some thing serious must have happened. An Ambulance went passed then another then the police. Then we got the phone call. There has been an accident up ahead and the brides son has been injured.

I negotiated my way through the traffic and got to the accident scene where the bride saw her son on a spinal board being placed in the Ambulance.

To cut a long story short, line of stationary traffic hit from behind at speed by inattentive driver.

All well that ends well. They saved him some cake.